October 2014 Episode of Rincon Rumber Radio


  1. “Eleggua (Entrada)” - Giraldo Rodriguez

  2. “Que Tal” - Irosso Obba

  3. “El Vive Bien” - Ecue Tumba

  4. “Compa Galletano” - Eddie Bobe

  5. “Congas de Mi Cuba” - Los Papines

  6. “Complicaciones” - Mongo Santamaria

  7. “Rumba” - Los Cimmarones

  8. “Tiembla la Tierra” - Yoruba Andabo

  9. “Remembranzas de Pregones” - David Oquendo y Raices Habaneras

  10. “A Nueva York” - Justi Barreto

  11. “Ellegua (Salida)” - Giraldo Rodriguez

Rumba en Griffith Park,  September 20, 2014

Rumba en Griffith Park, September 20, 2014


Anonymous asked: who is teaching Afro Cuban dance in Los Angeles now, who is really from Cuba? Is Teresita Dome Perez still teaching in the Los Angeles area? Are there any Cuban ladies teaching salsa in the LA metro area? thanks Neil

Hello Neil,

Kati Hernandez is Cuban and teaches several Afro-Cuban workshops each and every month.

She is on Facebook.

Rincon Rumbero Radio - September 2014

  1. Lázaro Rizo and Maximino Duquesne Martínez Interview  - Chuck Silverman YouTube

  2. Rumba en Atarés - Part I - guarachon63 Youtube

  3. A Malanga - Grupo Afro-Cubano de Alberto Zayas

  4. Ave Maria Morena - Conjunto Folklórico Nacional

  5. Baila Mi Guaguanco - Grupo AfroCuba de Matanzas

  6. Zun Zun - Folkloyuma

  7. Vale Todo - Los Munequitos de Matanzas

  8. El Trovador - Rumberos de Cuba

  9. Mi Tierra - Puntilla y el Conjunto Todo Rumbero

  10. Rumba for Elleguá - Puntilla

  11. El Necio - Yoruba Andabo

Check out Rumberos del Rincon at 4:00 P. M. this Sunday.

Check out Rumberos del Rincon at 4:00 P. M. this Sunday.

Rincon Rumbero - July 5, 2014

Rincon Rumbero - July 5, 2014

Album Art

Sin Coro, No Hay Na’

Alatí Yeyé, Alatí Yeyé

Alatí Yeyé mo gba, Alatí Yeyé”

I love this coro and Farinas puts it on display on “El Nino Rey”. 

ArtistEcue Tumba
TitleEl Nino Rey
AlbumBuenavista en Guaguanco

Anonymous asked: "The traditions of rumba will be strictly maintained." Can you direct those of us who are new to rumba to a written account of the rules/regulations/customs/code of conduct/traditions of rumba? Those of us who were not fortunate enough to grow up in Havana may need some guidance. Thanks.

Be humble.  Listen before you play.  Learn the clave.  Each instrument has a part, this is not a drum circle.  Realize this is not some stuffy music meant for auditoriums and dance halls, its essence is a culture of people who were stripped of their culture by slavery.  Come enjoy the music and check your ego.


Anonymous asked: The announced date of the next meeting is Saturday July 7, 2014. The 7th is a Monday. ?????

That was an error on our part, the event will take place on Saturday, July 5th, 2014 at 3 PM.